AS OF June 2018, DFy Studio has transitioned into the “DFy PROJECT” company ~ our students are part of the competition circuit of dance and train to be competition dancers and for some, to pursue dance as a career…this transition was not easy as DFy Studio (formerly Burn the Floor, Diversity in Dance) has hosted upwards of 150 dancers from across SW North Dakota, and are proud to have NEVER turned anyone away for financial difficulty or hardships of any kind.  Together alongside our very dedicated parents, DFy Studio has transitioned to DFy PROJECT where our goal is to offer the finest training in our area, producing well-rounded students on and off the stage. At DFy PROJECT, we instill and follow 4 core covenants;


“Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, things are no longer animated. EVERYTHING speaks to me of my passion, and invites me to cherish it, and therefore allows me to surpass that which has deterred me…for tomorrow a new sun will rise again, for me.”  (Anne DeLenclos, Nikki St. John, John Sturm)




please read the 7 attributes of a grateful athlete…

  1. Grateful athletes take time to soak in the moment Before a practice or competition, they stop, take a deep breath, and make it a point to appreciate what they are about to engage in. Who else on this earth gets to play a game or dance a dance they love in front of fans who cheer them on in the process? 
  2. Grateful athletes recognize people who go unnoticed They shake the hand the of maintenance worker who helps cut the grassy field that they are about to tear up with their cleats or the janitor who mops the floor so their feet won’t slide on the dust. They write their athletic trainer/coach/teacher a thank you note for taping them up, helping them rehab, or stretching them out before practice. They give a hug to the die-hard fan that is at every game and cheers for his/her team regardless of the outcome.
  3. Grateful athletes fight against entitlement They recognize every blessing they receive as a gift they are not entitled to. Entitlement stands in direct opposition to gratitude. Grateful athletes fight against the “I deserve” mentality that is so pervasive in our culture by thanking the giver of these gifts and frequently checking the posture of their heart.
  4. Grateful athletes are coachable They listen to advice and instruction from their coaches & teachers and, when appropriate, from their fellow teammates. They realize they do not have all of the answers. Even if they disagree with input that is given, it will not keep them from at least testing it out on the field.
  5. Grateful athletes look for silver linings They understand that life is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. There will be hardships in the form of injuries, losses, poor performance, and team conflict.  Grateful athletes do not pretend these circumstance do not exist or pretend they are not affected by them. They do, however, constantly ask themselves “What good can come of this or has already come of this?” in the midst of the struggle.
  6. Grateful athlete’s joy is not conditional They do not need a win or an epic personal best to be thankful. Gratitude for a grateful athlete is not birthed from good results, nor is it circumstantial.

They pray.

They confess.

At all costs they stay connected to the one who calls himself “The Rock.”

7.  Grateful athletes recognize excellence in their opponent
They have an appreciation for their competitors. Have you ever noticed that rivals tend to bring their best to the table when they play? Grateful athletes practice gratitude towards a rival on two levels.

One, they are thankful that their rival will ultimately bring out the best in their own performance.

Two, because their joy is not dependent on winning, they are able to appreciate and look forward to the competition itself. Grateful athletes have a unique ability to want to beat their opponent while at the same time appreciating the intensity that is about to ensue.

*I have learned A LOT, an AWFUL LOT in the last year…one of my most reputable teachings is that throughout struggle and the worst of times, we are to host a grateful and gracious heart and a gracious being about ourselves….this is NOT an easy task.  It took me awhile to understand, but now I am MORE than clear on what this gratitude life and LIVING  A LIFE OF GRATITUDE means…our dancers MUST exude these 7 attributes and try daily to adhere to them and commit to them.  Pure, simple, honesty…that cannot be faked. Thank you for freely allowing me to post this and instill it into the lives of ALL the students at DFy Studio, 4 years all the way to 19….Love, Nikki




JAZZ SHOES (required for all Jazz dancers-nude in color-  $43.00
NUDE BRA (if your dancer is in need of a bra, it MUST have a clear back with a clear backstrap AND clear shoulder straps…you may also order the straps separately if needed, and it is recommended that you do as they are ALWAYS needed) BRA $29.00        Backstrap  $5.00 (includes one backstrap)   clear shoulder straps $3.00 (includes one pair of straps)
TIGHTS (required to wear for ALL group Jazz dances for competition, and most contemporary dances…they are also required for ALL Ballet/Contemporary/Lyrical rehearsals throughout the week…the only students who do not need tights are Hip Hoppers..tights are the same stirrup-style, color, and brand as last year)  $10/pair

BLACK BOOTY SHORTS (these are used in class for Ballet/Contemp/Lyrical pieces rehearsal and are worn over the required tights) $10/pair
TEAM DFy TANK TOP (our team uniform top…required to wear for ALL classes throughout the week of competition students ~please look at your current size and see what size it is should you need a larger one or if yours is getting worn…this helps to order the correct size tank for this season)  $38 per tank

…if there is anything you are in need of that is not seen or listed here, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will look up the cost and get it for you!


To ALL my students, and their families….

YOU ARE MY WORLD, MY LIFE AND MY LOVES. Remember, Faith is the belief in that which you cannot see…walk by faith not by sight. Our studio has grown SOOOO immensely in the last few years that I WOULD NEVER, nor COULD I EVER give up the opportunity to continually, year after year, see these children grow.  It is with great insight, confidence, and FAITH that I make this journey; simply trust that your success as DFy Studio is and ALWAYS has been the utmost goal of mine and our staff.  This is a learning process, and will force us to stay as the family that we started this studio on nearly 11 years ago ~ there is NO room for negativity, ONLY POSITIVE IS WELCOME HERE! Remember also what my brochure says, ” how we treat one another really DOES matter and exemplifies who we are and who we will become.” ~true statement.

I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK, and I entrust that we will ALL realize what we have right in front of us that no one can take away…people will talk, they always do. I’m not going anywhere…The proof is in the pudding. (I prefer tapioca):-)

BE GOOD. BE NICE. WORK HARD. PLAY HARD TOO. “Love so hard and play life loud”…. Love you, Nikki!




  • THERE IS NO PICTURE TAKING, VIDEO-TAKING, ANY SORT OF PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO ALLOWED AT ANY COMPETITIONS! BREAKING THIS RULE CAN GET US DISQUALIFIED FROM THE ENTIRE EVENT! Why do some of you insist on trying to be sneaky and still break the rules???????????? The ONLY time that video/picture taking is allowed is when there is no professional camera crew in place at the venue and we are given a “press pass.” THIS IS RARE…and we will let you know when that is the case, otherwise you MUST purchase pics from the pros that are already there taking pics. STOP, PLEASE taking pics on your phones/ipads, etc….! IT IS NOT ALLOWED.
  • PARENTS AND STUDENTS, even when there is no “door” attendant in place, PLEASE DON’T GET UP IN BETWEEN OUR OR ANY OTHER STUDIO’S DANCES AND WALK IN OR OUT OF THE AUDITORIUM! This is RUDE and also not allowed….it’s an etiquette to those on stage and just bc some venues don’t have a person allowing you in and out of the door doesn’t give anyone the right to stand up or walk…BE COURTEOUS and RESPECTFUL to ALL other dancers PLEASE. PARENTS THIS ALSO MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF WHERE YOUR CHILD(REN) IS/ARE SO THAT THEY ARE NOT RUNNING IN AND OUT OF THE AUDITORIUM, OR RUNNING IN THE HALLS, ETC….I nor the competition staff are not babysitters, so please don’t just go sit in the auditorium and assume that your child is behaving! Give them directions and some order on how to sit and watch…in and out and round and round is VERY DISTRACTING and again, RUDE. All I ask is that you know where your kids are and you preface them on appropriate behavior.
  • HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR……ALL dancers NEED to secure their hair!  This means that in between dances you MUST refresh the hair with spray/gel/whatever it takes to prevent whispees and hair falling out of the ponytail! **I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND “Schwarzkopf GOT 2b glued” blasting freeze spray…available at Walmart in a yellow can in the hairspray section.**  (to a judge this is coming on-stage “unfinished” and overall points are taken away for this unfinished/lazy look)  It CLEARLY states in the comp rules of DFy Studio that whispees and unfinished hair are not allowed and need to be taken care of, even if you only have a few songs in between each piece, use the proper hair products and tighten the look up…I won’t allow you on stage this next comp if hair isn’t  properly secured and glued down….this also means that the ponytail is HIGH on the head and double or triple banded so that it doesn’t move down or fall from its original place! again, points are deducted in the overall impression area for this.  FIX IT.  (please see the extra denotation of this below)
~ There is NO swimming/hot-tub/sauna until you have no remaining dances left to perform!
~ Please match any ponytail holders to the color of your child’s hair…ex: blonde hair people shouldn’t wear black ponytail holders.
~ ALL WARM UP JACKETS WILL BE WORN AT ALL TIMES THAT YOU ARE NOT ON THE STAGE…the pants are not here yet that were ordered this season, and I am not concerned that your pants are on while walking around, but warm up jackets/1st year sweatshirts are a must at all times.
~ Bring snacks that are good for you and kind to your costume…ex: granola bars/fruit snacks/peanuts/etc….and WATER!!! WATER and/or Pedialyte are for hydration! not pop….greasy foods not only don’t settle well in your tummy, but also don’t come out of your clothes:-)
~ Please no painted fingernails/toenails…! nude or clear polish is fine, bright non-nude colors cannot be worn….also no jewelry other than your earrings for lyrical/contemporary group pieces and solos.
~ NO UNDERGARMENTS! There are NO panties worn underneath your tights!  EVER!  Nude MESH leo’s only for LEAD Contemporary and Inspire Jazz….no regular nude leo’s allowed, mesh only or none at all.  NUDE BRAS ONLY WITH CLEAR STRAPS AND A CLEAR BACK STRAP….these straps are available for purchase from the studio for $3 for the back strap and $3 a pair of clear shoulder straps.
~ THE NAME OF OUR STUDIO IS “DFY (defy) STUDIO, DEFY YOUR DANCE”…please be sure that your children know this when being asked any questions on stage or off! know who it is you are representing!





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