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The “Music & Movement” classes AND the “Intro 2 Dance” classes are for any children that fall in the age range offered for these 2 particular courses….the other classes are part of our company courses and are not recreational classes, but rather competition based course definitions. We also offer “pre-comp” courses for any students who have a goal of becoming or working toward a competitive career ~ Please contact our office at 701-290-1954 for more information on our competitive program.

  •  “MUSIC & MOVEMENT”   (ages 6 months – 36 months)
This is sometimes referred to as “Mommy and Me” classes, HOWEVER we are MUCH more than a mommy/me course! In this course we offer 6 week at a time sessions for 30 minutes once a week, and focus on things such as spatial awareness, auditory response, rhythm and sounds and musical instruments, and all the while having bonding time with Mom! (or dad or gramma, etc…!) 
  • ~ Hip Hop!
An umbrella term for many styles of dance, it includes street moves such as popping, locking, and breaking (“old school”) and a melting pot of movements that can come from anywhere or any time (“new school”); the two together are commonly called “new style.” Backed by popular music (rap, funk, pop, rhythm and blues, and techno), it has many characteristics of African traditional dance and early vernacular jazz dance.  This class allows the focus to be each student’s individual personality.
  • ~ Jazz! 
Jazz is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles, as it was an integral part of the “jazz” era until the end of the swing era in the late 1940’s….about 1950 what we call “new Jazz or modern Jazz” emerged where we explore the more Broadway and contemporary styles of Jazz…Jazz students often share vocabulary with our Ballet students as much of the terminology is very similar.  There are proper placements and positions of the body and a real feel for the “classic Jazz” style that we all think of when we hear the word “Jazz.”
  • ~ Contemporary/Lyrical 
Lyrical dance combines the technique and skills of Ballet into a more fluid/fluent movement that is designed to tell a story….Contemporary dance developed during the mid 20th century and has grown today to be one of the most common and more popular styles for the formally trained dancer….this style has borrowed from Jazz, Ballet, and Modern styles and employs work on the “fall and release” of the dancer, as well as some improvisation to the story-line, unlike the strict and structured prominence of Ballet.
  • ~Musical Theatre!
Musical Theatre has been newly added to our roster as of Fall 2016 as an additional class as well as competitive group…This style of class is designed to combine dance with theater style movement and emulate “acting” along with dance….often times this style of class is theme based and DOES NOT have to follow the Broadway style norm of song and dance….Miss Sherri, the instructor, prides herself on stepping outside the box to allow freedom of movement as well as the style of music she chooses to choreograph to that will allow for a very unique twist on the stereotypical musical theater class! DFy utilizes this class to also gain extra important understanding of the value of facials and correct emotion based upon what story is being told through the dance.

~ DFy Studio utilizes Russian-based ballet, which refers to ballet dancing that originated in Russia. Russian ballet is one of the most popular forms of classical ballet. Russian ballet schools can be found throughout the world, often with training beginning at the age of three. Burn the Floor combines the technique of classic Russian Ballet into the various styles of choreography such as Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical.  The classic Russian-based technique is the core and foundation of our Ballet classes, and the choreography incorporates the various styles while still keeping the proper technique/fundamentals of Ballet training.


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